The American Studies Major

The American Studies program offers excellent preparation for graduate study in law, social sciences, and liberal arts.  Courses emphasize the development of many skills needed for success in graduate and professional schools:  critical thinking and analysis, writing, and oral communication.  American Studies majors find that the broad range of courses in the program allows them great flexibility in taking course work which will prepare them for their individual program of graduate or professional study.  Georgetown's American Studies majors have experienced extraordinary success in obtaining admission to graduate and professional school programs.  Recent graduates have entered graduate schools in history, literature, law, diplomacy, social work, journalism, education, information science, ministry, and health-care management.

To help students prepare for advanced study, the American Studies program, in conjunction with the Department of History, offers a special preparation course covering the admissions exams for law school and graduate school. 


American Studies Program, Dr. Todd Coke, Director.