Border States, No. 11 (1997)

Cultural And Ethnic Diversity Of The Western Frontier: Cumberland Gap Tennessee, 1750-1915

Rebecca Vial

Secession And The Union In Tennessee And Kentucky: A Comparative Analysis

James Copeland

Perspectives On The Tennessee Landscape: The Vernacular Painted Interior In Tennessee

Anne-Leslie Owens

The Tennessee Monument To The Women Of The Confederacy: A Study In Conflicting Ideas Of Public Commemoration And Collective Memory, 1896-1926

Suzanne Woolley Smith

"The World Of Daniel Boone": Robert Penn Warren's Return To Boone County

Jonathan S. Cullick

"Gone To Texas" And The "Terra Incognita": Crossing Borders In Peter Taylor's Late Fiction

Sara Lewis Dunne

An Interview With Kentucky Poet Joy Bale-Boone

Loretta Martin Murrey

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