Border States Home Page Border States: Journal of the Kentucky-Tennessee American Studies Association, No. 1 (1973)


The Association and the editor are grateful for the assistance of individuals from many places. The advisory board agreed to serve without really knowing what they were agreeing to do; the associate editors were also demonstrating courage in accepting positions on a publication that had yet to publish. Professor William Berge of Eastern Kentucky University, secretary-treasurer of the Association, was the most enthusiastic supporter and the most optimistic. The editor depended on him and on his knowledge of the Association to determine what kind of publication we were going to have.

Border States would not have been possible in its present form without the encouragement and support of the administration and staff of Northern Kentucky State College. Vice-President John P. DeMarcus pledged the facilities and financial support; Ms. Sherri Standley, Director of Public Relations, lent not only her help but also her secretary, Ms. Linda Perkins, whose work is outstanding. Joe Munsonís personal help with technical production is also gratefully acknowledged.

So our Kentucky-Tennessee American Studies Association has launched its own journal. Border States is under way. Comments and criticism are encouraged.

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