Border States, No. 10 (1995)

A Goodly Fellowship: The Kentucky-Tennessee ASA's First Forty Years

Thomas Blues

What Caldwell's Boys Did in the Cumberland

Paul Conkin

Catholicism and Community: Mountain Missions and 'New' Immigrants in Appalachia

Margaret Ripley Wolfe

Appalachian Public Relations and the Conscious Manipulation of a Regional Stereotype: 1890s to the Present

Harry Robie

A Sense of Permanency: The Commonwealth Fund and the Rutherford Hospital and Health Center, 1926-1940

Carroll Van West

Piney Ridge Trilogy: Janis Holt Gile's Essay of Place

Clara L. Metzmeier

Tennessee's Prodigal Daughter: Evelyn Scott

Caroline C. Maun

Wendell Berry: People, Land and Fidelity

M. A. Grubbs

Albert Gore, Sr., and His Papers: The Senate Collection

Tara Michele Mitchell

Documenting the Director: Delbert Mann, His Life, His Work, and His Papers

Sarah Harwell

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