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The twelfth issue of Border States is comprised primarily of papers which were originally presented at the Association's annual meetings at Pine Mountain State Park, Kentucky, in 1997, and at Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, in 1998. The contents of this issue address a variety of topics that represent typical concerns of the region and of American Studies, from the problems of doing history in the border states region, to some of the industries that flourished in the region, as well as the writers who record the experiences of the region.

Beverly Brannan takes readers on an excursion through the intricacies and surprises of collecting a family history. Art Wrobel reveals the social life that dominated health spas in the border states. Trudelle H. Thomas examines the home that nuns of the Ursuline order made for themselves in rural Brown County, Ohio. Matt Sutton examines two of Harriette Simpson Arnow's unpublished manuscripts that show Arnow's complicated relationship to the region. Dennis Loyd sketches out the life and work of Leonard Tate, a poet from Grundy County, Tennessee who was dedicated to his homeplace. Scott Vander Ploeg examines the tension between education and loyalty to home in Bobbie Ann Mason's fiction. And Kay Baker Gaston traces the development of whiskey distilling in Kentucky and Tennessee.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into life and scholarship of the border states.

Ellen Donovan and Mary Hoffschwelle

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