Border States, No. 7 (1989)

The Frontier Preacher in the Clarksville Area

Danforth Ross

Mark Twain Visits Tennessee

Allison R. Ensor

What Did She Learn and How Did She Learn It: Formative Early Twentieth Century Educational Influences on Ursula Smith Beech of Clarksville, Tennessee

Eleanor H. Beiswenger

The Revised Ku Klux Klan in East Tennessee

William R. Snell

Evelyn Scott's A Calendar of Sin: Freudtown or Clarksville, Tennessee?

Steven T. Ryan

The Legacy of the Civil War: The Disparate Views of Robert Penn Warren and Allen Tate

Hugo Beiswenger

Gimme That Old Time Religion: John Crowe Ransom and Will D. Campbell as Critics of American Religion

Thomas D. Kennedy

Bobby Ann Mason's Portrayal of Modern Western Kentucky

Judy Aycock-Simpson

In Memoriam

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