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Class Participation and Attendance: Student participation in class sessions is vital to the success of courses taught in the seminar format. To encourage student participation in class discussions, each student's participation will be evaluated and graded by the professor. The class participation grade will be based on student participation in seminar discussions, preparation for class, and completion of assigned readings and other assignments. Please note that each absence will count as an F (numerically a 0) and this score will be averaged into the class participation grade. The class participation grades will count for 20 percent of the final semester grade.

The normal criteria for class participation grades are listed below: A-Student takes a leadership role in discussion, helping to direct the flow of the discussion by making original, cogent, and thoughtful remarks; student also demonstrates good preparation for class; B-Student takes active part in the discussion and demonstrates good preparation for class; C-Student participates minimally in class discussion and gives some evidence of preparation for class; D-Student does not participate in class discussion but gives full attention to the discussion; F-Student is absent from class or does not give full attention to the class.

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