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History of Civilization Since 1648

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Course Description: This course is a study of humanityís origins stressing the continuity of human development through 1648. The course will be taught on a chronological basis and attempt to combine historical interpretation with a general knowledge of the significant developments of manís past.

Course Objectives: Students will be able to identify and discuss the major political, economic, intellectual, social, and religious forces which have influenced the development of civilization from antiquity to 1648.

The college catalog lists institutional objectives for the general requirements core (1999-2000 Catalog, p. 25). The History of Civilization courses speak directly or indirectly to most of those objectives. More specifically, the courses seek:

  • To provide a core of knowledge illustrating the evolution, continuity, and interconnectedness of human societies;
  • To heighten understanding of diverse cultures and the value of diversity within cultures;
  • To explore the local and global community through investigation of economic, political, intellectual, environmental and theological developments;
  • To examine topics of aesthetic, ethical, and social consequence;
  • To employ critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem solving in interpreting history; and
  • To promote effective communication skills through written and verbal expression.

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