Assignment for Quiz 1 - History 111

Date: Quiz 1 will be given on Monday, June 5, 2000.

Topic: Classical Greek Thought and Culture.

Study: Perry et al., Western Civilization, 75-90, 96-99.

Format: 10 questions (Five multiple choice and five short answer questions.) The short answer questions might ask you to respond in a variety of ways, from supplying a single term or name to writing a brief paragraph to explain an idea or to identify a person or event.

Time: The quiz will be given during the first fifteen minutes of class.

A word of warning: The quizzes tend to be harder than many people expect. It is prudent to study harder for the first quiz (and exam) than you usually study. If your quiz score exceeds your goal, you can always cut back on your preparation time on subsequent quizzes and exams.

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