A. Exam 3 will be held at the following times:

B. Exam 3 will cover:

  1. All lectures from April 9 (The Affluent Society) to April 28.
  2. Tindall and Shi, America: A Narrative History, chaps. 32-37. Use the text to answer questions which occur to you as you study other materials, to cover topics we have not had time to discuss in class, and to reinforce in your memory the material we cover in class.
  3. Schulman, Lyndon B. Johnson and American Liberalism
  4. Give priority to studying lecture notes.

C. Outline of Exam 3

  1. Take-home question (20 points)
    1. Refer to the handout entitled "Take-home Questions for Exams" for questions.
    2. Write your essay about the period of history beginning with the Era of the Affluent Society (1945-60) and ending of the election of Bill Clinton (1992).
  2. In-class essay question (30 points, 20 minutes)
  3. Multiple choice and short answer questions (50 points, 25 minutes)

D. In-Class Essays for Exam 3

Students will be required to answer ONE in-class essay question as a part of Exam 3. The following is a list of potential essay questions for the exam. Two of the essay questions below will be on Exam 3. Each student will pick one of these questions to answer on the exam.

  1. Discuss the United States as "The Affluent Society," 1945-60. What factors caused the postwar prosperity of the U.S.? What were the consequences of the new affluence on the economy, class structure, demographic patterns, and culture of the U.S.?

  2. Discuss the Cold War in the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations. What events and factors contributed to the continuation of the Cold War during this period? Were relations between the two superpowers better or worse in 1963 than in 1953? Why?

  3. Discuss the Civil Rights Movement (CRM), 1940-65. What was the Jim Crow system? What factors caused the sudden emergence of the CRM in the 1940s? What strategies and tactics did the CRM use to fight the Jim Crow system before 1965? What victories and defeats did the CRM experience during this period? How much help did the CRM receive from the federal government during this period?