April 13, 1873

    The dispute over the government of Louisiana continued to escalate.  Republican officers of Grants Parrish were holed up in the city of Colfax.  Blacks from the surrounding area feared an attack, so they entrenched themselves in front of the court house.  A huge white mob attacked.  The day was a massacre, as somewhere between 60 and 100 local blacks were killed even as they tried to surrender.  The white mob suffered only 3 casualties (Foner, 437).  The battle for the courthouse of Colfax, Louisiana has been renamed the Colfax Massacre.

    All of the blacks in the area and governor Kellogg were spared only because the President ordered the federal troops to intercede and stop the white mob before they moved to another area, killing all the blacks and their white sympathizers (Dunning, 219). 

    The New Orleans Times' headline the next day read, "War at Last!!"  They also warned other white sympathizers to beware (Murphy, 141).  The majority of the white people in Louisiana supported the "Colfax Massacre," and the systematic annihilation of blacks and the white sympathizer governments. 

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