The Army of Northern Virginia


The Army of Northern Virginia, in many peoples eyes, was "the" Army of the Confederacy. This Army fought in many prominent battles such as Gettysburg, First and Second Bull Run, Fredricksburg, and many others. It also had many famous commanders in its ranks such as General Robert E. Lee, General J.E.B. Stuart, General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, General George Pickett, and General James Longstreet. Besides troops from Virginia, this Army was equipped with troops and supplies from all over the Confederacy and from a few Border States. This Army, which got its name from the area that it operated in, had the primary purpose of defending Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, and countering the Unionís Army of the Potomac. This Army, though always outnumbered, was able to not only defend the Confederate capital of Richmond, but also was repeatedly able to defeat the enemy and twice invade the Union. In the end the hopes and dreams of the Confederacy died when this army was forced to surrender.

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