The Confederate States of America

  State Seceded
from Union
to Union1
1. South Carolina Dec. 20, 1860 July 9, 1868
2. Mississippi Jan. 9, 1861 Feb. 23, 1870
3. Florida Jan. 10, 1861 June 25, 1868
4. Alabama Jan. 11, 1861 July 13, 1868
5. Georgia Jan. 19, 1861 July 15, 18702
6. Louisiana Jan. 26, 1861 July 9, 1868
7. Texas March 2, 1861 March 30, 1870
8. Virginia April 17, 1861 Jan. 26, 1870
9. Arkansas May 6, 1861 June 22, 1868
10. North Carolina May 20, 1861 July 4, 1868
11. Tennessee June 8, 1861 July 24, 1866

Note: The slaves states- Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri-stayed in Union

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South Carolina:  R. Barnwell Rhett, C.G. Memminger, Wm Porcher Miles,

                            James Chestnut Jr., R.W. Barnwell, William W. Boyce

                            Lawrence M. Keitt, and T.J. Withers

Georgia:             R. Toombs, Francis S. Bartow, Martin J. Crawford,

                            Alexander Stephens, Benjamin H. Hill, Tho. R.R. Cobb,

                            E.A. Nisbet, Augustus R. Wright, and A.H. Kenan

Florida:                Jackson Morton, J. Patton Anderson, and Jas. B. Owens

Alabama:            Richard W. Walker, Robert H. Smith, Colin J. McRae,

                            William P. Chilton, Stephen F. Hale, David P. Lewis,

                            Tho. Fearn, Jno Gill Shorter, and J.L.M. Curry

Mississippi:        Alex M. Clayton, James T. Harrison, William S. Barry,

                            W.S. Wilson, Walker Brooke, W.P. Harris, and

                            J.A.P Campbell

Louisiana:           John Perkins, Jr., Alex de Clouet, C.M. Conrad,

                            Duncan F. Kenner, Henry Marshall, and Edward Sparrow

Texas:                John Hemphill, Thomas N. Waul, John H. Reagan,

                            Williamson S. Oldham, Loius T. Wigfall, John Gregg,

                            and William B. Ochiltree

The above information was taken from The University of Georgia Library


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