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Some History.......

    - drafted by the First Committee of Twelve at attendance in Montgomery, AL for 

       the Confederate Constitution Meeting on February 4 -8, 1861.  Adoption took 

       place on February, 8.

     - The Confederate States of America got its name from the Provisional 


    -  On February 9, Convention elected Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens

        president and vice-president. 

    - Guiding Principle: to sustain, uphold, and perpetuate the fundamental 

        principles of the U.S. Constitution.

Some key Implementations      

 - Popular Sovereignty remained a right reserved to the individual states

- The Federal Government existed only as a common agent of sovereign


Adoption of the States Rights Doctrine                                          

 - Only secured the rights of slave ownership and NOT the theory of slavery

 - The Fugitive Slave Law from the Compromise of 1850                

  - Unicameral Congress                                                                         

 -  By a 2/3 vote Congress could remove the president or vice-president

                                The First Committee of Twelve                                              

 Christopher Memminger (SC), Robert Woodward Barnell (SC), William Taylor 

 Sullivan (MS) Wiley Pope Harris (MS), James Patton Anderson (FL), James Byron 

 Owens (FL), Richard Wilde Walker (AL), Robert Hardy Smith (AL), Alexander 

 Hamilton Stephens (GA), Eugenius Aristides Nisbet (GA), John Perkins, Jr. (LA)

 and Duncan Farrar Kenner (LA)

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