General Braxton Bragg         



          General Braxton Bragg was born on March 22, 1817, in Warrenton, North Carolina.(dmi.usma)  After his graduation from West Point in 1837, he served under Zachary Taylor during the war with Mexico.  A few years after rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Bragg made a brief retirement in the late 1850’s.  Upon the outbreak of the Civil War, Bragg returned to uniform as a Confederate Brigadier General and later assumed command of the Army of the Mississippi as Major General.(ngeorgia)  His army, later renamed the Army of Tennessee, was engaged in campaigns and battles in Tennessee and Kentucky from 1862-1863, including the Battle of Perryville.  His army’s final battle was at Chattanooga in November 1863, were he was defeated by Union forces led by General Grant.  Confederate president Jefferson Davis appointed him as his military advisor until late in the war when he was sent to command a small group in North Carolina to help stop General Sherman’s “march to the sea.”  After the war, he became a civil engineer until he died in Texas in 1876.(dmi.usma)

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