General Don Carlos Beull



          General Don Carlos Beull was born near Marietta, Ohio, in 1818.  He graduated from West Point in 1841 and served in the infantry in the Mexican War.  There, he was wounded and received two brevets.  The outbreak of the Civil War moved him to the West coast as the adjutant general of the Department of the Pacific.(optionline)  In September 1861, he moved to Washington to help organize the Army of the Potomac.  Beull was then transferred to Ohio, where he was placed in command of the army for action in East Tennessee.  After taking Nashville, he led armies in Shiloh and Corinth.  With Bragg’s invasion of Kentucky, Beull was forced to move back north to protect Northern Kentucky.  While in Kentucky, he led the Union in the Battle of Perryville, where he stopped the Confederate invasion of Kentucky, however, he decided not to press the retreating rebels.  This action caused Beull to be relieved of his position in 1862.  He returned to Indianapolis to wait for orders that never came.(civilwarhome)

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