Importance Of The Gettysburg Address

    There is much debate over the specifics of Lincoln's address, such as where and when he composed it.  Questions include did he write it in Washington, on the train to Gettysburg, or at the Will's house?  What should remain with us today is not the specific details but that such a document was even composed.  It can be seen as great literature because of its composition and meaning.  Lincoln's address was short and simple.  This is not an easy task to accomplish, however this is how Lincoln thought and thus how he wrote.  In a speech of such sort length it has been noted that what was not included is just as important as what was included.  There was not an once of, "hatred, not a hint of vindictiveness, nor a trace of vengeful judgment."  Lincoln rose to the occasion and paid an unforgettable tribute to those who had lost their lives and with great care expressed his, "deepest and most dominant sentiments to the people."  His concern was for the current testing of democracy, hoping to prove that government by the people could succeed.  Lincoln after a great battle began to heal wounds.  Above all Lincoln showed that, "it is only by constructive deeds of living men that the sacrifice of the dead can have value." (Randall 320)