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The party managed to get a large sled and two good horses, belonging to their masters, and began their hazardous journey on the snow covered ground sometime around 10 o'clock on a Sunday night. In a severe manner they drove the horses reaching the river below Covington, opposite of West Row, near early morning. The fleeing slave then left the team of horses to cross the frozen river on foot and headed to a house below Millcreek bridge that was owned by a previous slave, who was purchased out of slavery by his father, named Kite. The party had split up before reaching Kite's house due to curious people questioning their being there. The rest of the group was fortunate enough to find safe hiding places where they were put on the Underground Railroad and safely went to Canada. The next day Mr. Gaines, a son of Mr. Marshall, and a posse arrived in the city. The posse party heard of the slaves being at Kite's house where they preceded. Upon their arrival they found the doors and windows locked, when they tried forcing their way into the house, one of Mr. Marshall's slaves , Simon, fired a revolver out the window with the revolver hitting a Deputy Marshal in the finger, leaving it barely attached, then lodging the bullet in his upper lip. The door was then busted in where Simon fired three more shots with none of them meaningful in their defense. Mr. Gaines then seized the gun from his hand after grabbing Simon by the wrist. At this moment, Margaret Seeing the hoped of freedom vanishing every moment took a butcher's knife from the table and took the life of her little daughter by slicing her throat. She then continued to try and take the life of the other children. She was finally seized but not before she put a gash in one of her son's throat and gashing her other son's head, neither being fatal. The entire party was then arrested and lodged in jail, waiting for their trail.


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