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Exams: All exams will be essay exams. Three exams will be given during the course of the semester. Each of these exams will cover about one-third of the course material and each will count for 25 percent of the student's final grade. The first two exams have been tentatively scheduled for September 21 and November 9. The third exam will be given during the final exam period on Monday, December 14, at 12:00-2:00.

Analysis Paper on Canadian National Identity: The scholar Seymour Martin Lipset writes, "National identity is the quintessential Canadian issue. Almost alone among modern developed countries, Canada has continued to debate its self-conception to the present day" (Lipset, Continental Divide, 42, emphasis added). Each student will prepare an analysis paper to answer the question, Why has Canada as a modern state failed to develop a strong sense of national identity? To answer this question students are to focus their inquiries in one of four topical areas: (1) The relationship between Anglophone (English-speaking) and Francophone (French-speaking) Canadians; (2) The relationship of Canada to the British Empire; (3) The relationship of Canada to the United States; and (4) the relationship of center to periphery (defined here as either the relationship of Ontario and Quebec to the rest of Canada or as the relationship of the federal government to the provinces). Students are to write their papers from material gathered from lectures, required readings (including Maclean's magazine), and library research. While there is no maximum or minimum length required for the analysis paper, papers of 12-15 pages are ideal. The analysis paper will count for 15 percent of the student's final grade. Students must pick the subject of their analysis papers by September 4. The analysis papers are due December 2.

Historical Context of Current Events: Students will write four brief papers, which show the historical background of current events in Canada. For each paper, students should pick one current event in Canada (as described in Maclean's) and show its background in the history we are studying in class. Student papers should be no more than 2-3 pages long. The grades of the papers will be averaged together and the average will count for 10 percent of the student's final grade. The current events papers will be due on September 9, October 2, October 23, and November 16.

Make-Up Assignments: Students will be allowed to make up missed assignments only with the consent of the professor. Ordinarily, the professor will accept make-up assignments only in cases of unavoidable student absences, such as those caused by illness or by a death in the immediate family. Students may be required to document the causes of their absences before the professor will accept the make-up work.

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