The Second Hundred Years' War, 1689-1815

War of the League of Augsburg

(Known in America as King William's War; the war began in 1688 without England's participation)

War of the Spanish Succession

(Known in America as Queen Anne's War)

War of the Austrian Succession

(Known in America as King George's War)

Seven Years' War

(Known in America as the French and Indian War)

War of the American Revolution

(The war began in 1775 without France's participation)


Wars of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
  • War of the First Coalition
  • War of the Second Coalition
  • War of the Third Coalition
  • Peninsular War
  • War of the Fourth Coalition

    1793-1797 1798-1802 1803-1807 1808-1814 1813-1815

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