A. Exam 2 will be given on Monday, November 15, 1999.

B. Exam 2 will cover:

  1. All lectures from October 13 (Woodrow Wilson and World War I) through November 12 (the end of the Korean War [1953]).
  2. Jones, Quest for Security, 2:288-518. Use the text to answer questions which occur to you as you study other materials. Use the text to cover topics we have not had time to discuss in class. Use the text to reinforce in your memory the material we cover in class.
  3. The exam will NOT cover the readings and discussions of the Cuban Missile Crisis on October 15, October 22, November 5, and November 12.
  4. Generally you should give priority to studying lecture notes, since we have covered most of the important topics in class.
  5. One sign of a good exam is that the essays give some evidence of reading and thinking beyond class discussions. If you are intellectually engaged with the course materials, including both class discussions and outside readings, your essays will naturally reflect issues and subjects which we have not had time to talk about in class. Don't hesitate to work into your essays material from the readings if appropriate and topical. (Don't put in material from the readings just to put it in. The material must be a natural rather than a "forced" fit.)

C. Structure Of Exam 2

  1. You will answer three essay questions: two worth 33 points, one worth 34 points.
  2. For each essay you are to write, you will be able to choose between two or more possible topics.
  3. The exams will be written in blue books provided by Dr. Tallant. You do not need extra paper.
  4. Once again, the questions are large in scope. Many of you will know enough about the questions that you could easily take two hours or more to complete the exam. However, you have only 50 minutes. You will need to be selective in what you say while making sure that you cover the key points. You may want to spend a few moments before each question jotting down a brief outline to make certain that you say everything you need to.

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