Dorothy Day and Agape

Dorothy Day had a long a twisted road to the Saint that some wish to make her.

Prayer For The Canonization
of Servant of God
Dorothy Day

Merciful God, you called your servant
Dorothy Day to show us the face of
Jesus in the poor and forsaken.
By constant practice
of the works of mercy,
she embraced poverty and witnessed
steadfastly to justice and peace.
and lead us all to become friends of
the poor ones of the earth,
and to recognize you in them.
We ask this through your Son
Jesus Christ, bringer of good news
to the poor. Amen

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Canonization of Dorothy Day

Dorothy believed that we show our love for God by living, working, sharing together, by loving our neighbor, and by living close to God. She was willing to be poor in order to be a pacifist. Choosing to live simply was, for her, choosing to make peace. She liked the fact that the Homes and Farms depended on voluntary contributions to provide food and money to continue. But she was careful to make the distinction between destitution and living with only what you needed. (Spiritual Guides for Today,51) She wouldn't understand or agree with a single man living in a huge home and having 4 cars, while there was a family living in a one room apartment, if they were lucky. She would have wanted the man to live more responsively. To share the wealth, you could say.

She believed in regional living (not eating foods grown outside of the region you were living in), bare minimum of clothing (she wouldn't approve of my closet), and making sure that those few clothes that you did own were made under decent working conditions. (Spiritual, 51)

Dorothy Day's impacted on the American culture is small but great. She, along with the millions of nameless faces knew simply as the Workers, helped to improve life for the unfortunate. She did have Christ in her for she saw the pain of the hunger and did something about it. She didn't just talk about it to her friends or sit in the pews at Mass and listen to the Priest talk about doing works for God. No, she went out and worked and lived the life of a prophet. She showed the world what Agape love is... Agape isn't the love between lovers or family. It isn't a feeling that passes away. Agape is the love one feels for their community, it is a love that takes a nurse into an emergency room with the hope that she might save a life that night, it is the love a teacher feels for her students.

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