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        The only problem I have with this belief is the ages of the founders.  When all of the rappings began in Hydesville Margaret and Katherine were adolescent children.  I know that if my little sister had come up to me and said that she can communicate with the dead, I am not so sure I would hole heartedly believe her.  And, I certain that at age ten she would lead this nation in a spiritual movement.

    I am also not so sure how this relates to religion.  In Fact, Frauds, and Phantasms by Georgess McHargue, he suggests that the name that the children gave the rapper could have been a satanic connotation.  "By the simple choice of the name Mr. Splitfoot the Fox girls were reflecting the suspicion that such manifestations came not merely from the supernatural world but from the devil himself, with his cloven hoofs."

    McHargue also says that the meetings were supposed to be held in one of the local churches, but it is improper to charge admission at a church the meetings were held at a public hall instead.  The sisters gave the excuse that the spirits preferred Corinthian Hall.  Choosing the hall over the church could also point to the works of Satan.

   In my opinion, there seems to be a lot of slippery evidence to Spiritualism.  I am not a confirmed believer, and I do not think that I will ever be.  All I can say is that we will all find out in the end.

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