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After attending Dickinson College for less than a year, as a result of the closing of the college, Malcom took over the family business of accounting, in April of 1815. This too was short lived, because in August of 1815 he injured his knee and was kept from attending to his work. This was a pivotal turning point in his life. He wrote in his diary, in August of 1815, "I have for some time been tormented with the fear of dying." He also later wrote of his experiences during his bed-rest "This was one of the most merciful providences of God to me. The pain was not so great as to prevent my reading...I learnt more of the Bible than I have known before altogether." (Baptist Encyclopedia)

As a result of this he surrendered his life to Christ and later made his profession public at Sansom St. Baptist Church on January 1, 1816 (Baptist Encyclopedia). He then went on to be licensed to preach by the same church on June 28, 1818 (Presidents of Georgetown College). Following this he attended the Princeton Seminary until 1820, when he was ordained in April (Baptist Encyclopedia).