Charles Finney: Evangelist and Reformer
 "My soul is sick and agonized with such a state of things.  The position of the church is one of the greatest wonders of the world....Is it possible, my dearly beloved brethren [sic], that we can remain blind to the tendencies of things--to the causes that are operating to produce alienation, division, distrust, to grieve away the Spirit, overthrow revivals, and cover the land with darkness?  Is it not time for us, brethren, to repent, to be candid and search out wherein we have been wrong and publicly and privately confess it...."  **

This page is dedicated to showing how Charles Finney's theology influenced the reform movements of early America and played a leading role in the modernization of early America.


This page was created by Curt Kruschwitz, a student at Georgetown College, as a requirement for HIS 338, taught by Dr. Harold Tallant.

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**Excerpt from Finney's letter, "The Pernicious Attitude of the Church on the Reforms of the Age" in Donald W. Dayton, Discovering an Evangelistic Heritage (Harper & Row: 1976).