D. L. Moody married Emma Revell in 1862.  She had a younger brother named Fleming Revell.  Moody encouraged Fleming to start a publishing company.  At first the company published Sunday school papers, but the company changed to books.  This happened because of the great Chicago Fire in 1871 that destroyed his office, so Fleming had to regroup his company.  During this time people were publishing Moody’s sermons.  D. L. Moody was not pleased with the quality of these books; therefore, he only allowed Fleming to publish his sermons.  Revell issued Moody’s Twelve Select Sermons and his Select Sermons.  By the 1990s Fleming H. Revell Company was the largest publishing company for religious books.

When Moody was holding evangelistic meetings through out North America, he noticed Christian books were not in many bookstores or very expensive.  He wanted everyone to have a better chance of getting these Christian books.  Moody had a series of pocket-sized books, so he established a company to distribute these books, Bible Institute Colportage Association (BICA).  This company only distributed the books; Revell’s company published them.  Fleming thought Moody’s company would be competition for his company, but Moody told him his company was only for benevolent work.  Later in 1941, the BICA became the Moody Press.

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