“Moody has been called the Billy Graham of he nineteenth century, but it would be more accurate to say that Graham is the D. L. Moody of the twentieth [century]” (George).  Moody was vital in preaching God’s love to several millions of people.  Since he did not have much of an education, Moody was always vulnerable to the critics, but he did not let this stop him doing God’s will.  We can learn so much from him about what God calls each one of us to do.  Moody showed us how to be led of the Holy Spirit to truly show people the love of Christ.  He preached the gospel to everyone he met, and Dwight showed Christians how to work together for the common goal – extending the love of Christ to the lost world and fellow Christians.  Dwight Lyman Moody directed people to Christ and has influenced American history in a dramatic way.

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