When Moody was leading the Sunday school class in Chicago, he did not feel comfortable to speaking to adults.  He could relate well to children, but it was hard for him to relate to the adults.  After Moody was more comfortable, Moody went to England for his first revival in 1872.  During the invitation at his first meeting, he asked if someone wanted to become a Christian to stand.  People all over the sanctuary stood, and Moody was surprised.  He had them sit and explained the plan of salvation again; he then asked the people who wanted to become Christians to go to an adjoining room.  Again, several people went and those people came to start to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Every night, people were coming to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  These results were that start of what Moody was going to see at his services.

Moody was criticized for not preaching on the subject of hell.  Moody believed in hell, but he did not want to scare people into hell.  He felt he could get a better response to his message if he kept his message on the love of Christ.  He preached only from the Bible and only about what God can do for us not anyone else.  Moody preached to people all over England and then, all over America.  Despite the lack of technology of speaking equipment, Moody preached well over thousands at one time.  Moody’s friend, Ira Sankey help led the revival service with music. Moody preached several times and led several thousands to Christ. 

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