Angelina only had the chance to speak publicly a few more times in her lifetime. An illness kept her from becoming overly excited, and thus, her speaking career ended. This greatly saddened her because she realized that she could make an impact through her speeches. Angelina then turned to writing to convey her opinions and convince people of her beliefs (Birney 241-2).

In conclusion, Angelina Grimke made great contributions to this nation in the areas of slaves' and women's rights. She and her sister, Sarah, were a dynamic pair who spoke out on these issues. Women taking such a stand during this period of history were mostly non-existent. The sisters' writings, as well as their speeches, made them very famous in a short period of time. Southerners read what they wrote and listened to their speeches because their arguments were for Southerners, by Southerners (Sarah). The sisters' argument had more influence because they were from the South, and had owned slaves, and were writing about supporting the abolition movement. Therefore, Angelina paved the way for women who desired to take a stand on important issues in the United States.

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