Angelina's Exodus From South Carolina

Angelina's lone battles against slavery in South Carolina began to wear her down. She realized that she was making no progress, whatsoever. At the same time, Sarah's reports from Philadelphia became more and more alluring. Their religious beliefs began to overlap a great deal, even before Angelina's official conversion. These beliefs caused them to become even more separated from their family, therefore, the pair grew closer still (Birney 90). Their correspondence eventually led Angelina to believe that she should move to Philadelphia. She worried a great deal about leaving her mother, though. She felt that her absence would cause her to "suffer" (Birney 92). One night she had a conversation with her mother, though, that made her realize that it was all right to leave. Angelina states, "I found her views far more correct than I had supposed. . ." (Birney 93). Thus, in October of 1829, Angelina left her mother behind and made her journey north to Philadelphia to live with Sarah.

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