Sisters' Popularity Increases

(and Angelina Addresses a Legislative Body)

Despite the opposition the sisters faced, their lectures became more in demand than ever. Many times a great number of people showed up and Sarah and Angelina had to split up. Often one would speak in one building and the other would speak at the same time in another building (Birney 223). This period of time, while the sisters toured New England, brought about Angelina's greatest accomplishment. During a meeting of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, a case was made for the abolition of slavery. A petition, with the names of thousands of women, was presented to the legislature. The argument was so good that a committee was formed to look into the issue of slavery. Angelina was asked, half jokingly, to address the body and she accepted (Birney 226-8). She spoke at two different meetings, becoming the first woman in the history of the United States to address a legislature (Sarah).

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