The Grimke Sisters Reunited

Reunited, Sarah and Angelina's similar beliefs about slavery and Quakerism were reinforced. Although Angelina's free spirit did not look forward to the restraints of the Quaker church, she converted officially and was allowed into the church. Thus, it is said that her conversion came more out of love and respect for Sarah than for religious reasons (Birney 98). Regardless of the reason for her conversion, Angelina also began to prepare for the ministry within the Quaker church. Sarah and Angelina's lives became consumed with their church and it's work. For years, they did little outside of the required charity work and attending Quaker services (Birney 97).

Though Angelina enjoyed being with her sister again, she soon became restless with the Quaker lifestyle and desired more education. She told her congregation that she wanted to go to Hartford to become a teacher (the Quaker church required that members ask permission before doing anything of this nature). The Quakers disapproved of this, mainly because of the Presbyterian influence that was prevalent in that part of the country. Therefore, Angelina submitted to their request to stay in Philadelphia and continued on in her work in the Quaker church (Birney 108-9).

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