Closing Thoughts


Jeffersonís method of thinking was progressive for his day.  He enjoyed the newest ways based on the newest ideas and advances in science.  One wonders, if Thomas Jefferson were alive today, what would his thinking be like?  If he had Einsteinís duality of matter and energy had been known instead of simply the strict Newtonian theories, would he be more inclined to accept a more paradoxical nature of God?  Or perhaps a more all-encompassing faith would be his.  In any case, it seems Jeffersonís firm basis of Reason and Nature would still hold firm, even if it led to different metaphysical conclusions.  The political conclusions, those of religious liberty and the connectedness of life and liberty, would almost certainly have remained.

        As we have seen, Thomas Jefferson was one of the foremost thinkers and politicians of his day.  He strived for excellence in his country and would not stop until it reached all the goals for which it was initially founded.  Jefferson would not allow the blood and sweat of so many stop short of the complete liberty of which he dreamed this nation to be capable of.  Halfway was not due enough.  His perseverance helped this City on a Hill to shine even brighter.  Jefferson used his Enlightened thoughts to help found a country on the firm base of religious freedom and personal liberties, the likes of which the world had never seen.


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Last Updated:  February 16, 2001

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