Lucretia Mott



The changes that Lucretia Mott made in American history are astounding.  As part of the abolitionist movement she helped to end slavery, then went on to help African Americans obtain the rights of citizenship and suffrage.  As part of the temperance movement, she helped to raise awareness about the evils of alcoholism and to spur the movement that led to Prohibition.  And as part of the women’s rights movement, Mott helped women gain social status and suffrage rights, communicating to men that women were intelligent, capable beings and that therefore, women’s rights would no longer be denied.  To be part of so many amazing events in American history, Mott had to have been aware.  She had to have known that the consequences of her reformist actions would change the lives of all American women.  And because she was aware, Lucretia Mott was one of the great American religious leaders in history who changed American society for the better.

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