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Two years after they arrived in New York, the group decided that they would find a place of their own to set up a Shaker community. They discovered a place called Niskayuna, which was eight miles northwest of Albany. There they settled in 1776. The first few years here were difficult for the small group who lived in primitive conditions. They faced many hardships including scarcity of food, bad weather, illness, wild animals, and the savage Indians who were a threat to their lives. When Mother Ann learned of the Mahican tribe, who occupied the land around their new village, she decided that she would go by herself to make peace before any trouble was started. There is not a great detail known of her encounter with the Mahicans, but she used her politeness, and her "gift of tongues" to communicate with these Indians. The Mahicans and the small Shaker group were at peace and the group would have never survived their first year at Niskayuna if it weren’t for the help of the Indians.


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Shakers received help from the Indians