Missionary Journey
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    In May of 1781, Mother Ann and a few elders left their home to begin a missionary journey throughout the eastern states, which proved to be successful. Many people were amazed that a woman could speak so effectively in winning hearts for the Lord.

Ann Lee's Missionary Journey in Northeastern America


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     Many became converts and new Shaker settlements were established throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Eventually the religion spread as far south as Kentucky.

     Ann and the elders returned to Niskayuna in 1783, having been gone over two years. They returned to a place subject to further persecution, but this time her accusers were not kind, as the commissioner was earlier, but were violent toward the Shaker people.

     They were whipped, beaten with clubs, stoned, kicked, dragged about by their legs and arms, and sometimes by the hair of their heads; and they were driven from place to place in the most cruel and abusive manner, so that many of them narrowly escaped with their lives, and numbers of them carried through life the marks and scars of the wounds which they had received from their inhuman persecutors. Through all these trying scenes they were evidently protected and supported by the power and providence of God, so that no life was suffered to be taken.

     Mother Ann’s journey throughout the eastern states took its toll on her physically; her body continued to grow weak, and she knew her time to leave the earth was nearing. It was evident to her followers in the beginning of 1784 that her life was running out of use. She began telling her followers how to manage things when she was gone. She stressed several things, including being prudent and saving everything that God has blessed them with, and savoring the stewardship of His earth by keeping it beautiful. It is said that after a few months into the year, Mother Ann would just sit in a chair almost all day and sang in unknown tongues the whole time, and seemed to be wholly divested of any attention to material things. Mother Ann Lee left this earth to be with Jesus on September 7, 1784 leaving behind a sacred religion and noteworthy followers, who kept the tradition of Shakerism continual into the twentieth century.