Henry Ward Beecher



        Henry Beecher was one of the most popular men and ministers of his day. In a poll done by ABC News, Henry Ward Beecher is listed as one of the men with the most famous names in the 19th  century.1 He was active in many  current issues during his lifetime, such as New School Theology versus Old School Theology,  anti-slavery, and women's suffrage. Henry Ward Beecher had a great impact on the views of Christian thinking in his time. His style of preaching continues to influence Christian ministers today. It is remarkable, however, that a man whose ideas and beliefs challenged the norm was one of the most popular and influential  ministers of his day.

        The following pages on this website will show examples of how Henry Ward Beecher effected society during his lifetime and how he influences ministers today. 


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Introduction                Family Influence                Early Years                Preaching Style 

         Abolitionism               Women's Suffrage             The Scandal                 His Works                  

 His Impact                   Bibliography

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