Henry Ward Beecher

Women's Suffrage

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        Most all of the sources that talk about Henry Ward Beecher mention the fact that he was a proponent of women's suffrage. The sources say that Henry was an abolitionist first but that he did support the women's suffrage movement. There is a problem, however, with the sources. They do not tell what Henry did with the movement. A few tell that he worked as the editor of several journals, some of which are The Christian Union (later Outlook) and The Independent, that were in favor of women's suffrage. However, that is really about the extent of the information that can be gathered. The author of this page thinks that the reason why there is not a lot of information about what Henry did for the women's suffrage movement is because of the scandal that he was involved in. To learn more about the scandal that Henry was involved in click here

    Henry was a proponent also of temperance. During his first years at college he started a society that "encourage[d] temperance and purity of character."36 His fight for temperance and purity was a lifetime fight that he never stopped. Biography. Com said that Henry "...crusaded from the pulpit for temperance...."37  Many of the journals that he edited, both women's suffrage and abolitionism journals, dealt with the issue of temperance.  


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