The Man


Cyrus Scofield was born 19 August 1843 in Michigan. Though much of Scofield’s life is hidden under a tarp of ambiguity, a few lingering facts have surfaced throughout this research that have led me to wonder about his character and his authority to have written such a spiritually influential work.


Shortly after Scofield’s birth, his family moved to Tennessee where he was raised until the Civil war started. He then joined the confederate army and served in the seventh infantry. After the war, he was admitted to the Kansas bar in1869 only to be appointed to the US District of Attorney for Kansas, his new home, in 1870. But, he quickly left the public stage when he was charged of stealing campaign moneys from Senator John Ingalls. He was put into jail in St. Louis based on forgery charges and it was there that he was “shown the light” by Thomas McPheeters, a YMCA worker in 1879. Then in 1882, Scofield received his first pastorate in Dallas, Texas. He was married and had two daughters, who he left in his pursuit of his new career as a minister in Dallas. Leonteen Carry divorced Cyrus on December 8, 1883; it is recorded that Cyrus never supported his ex-wife or their children after the divorce. This is accounted for in the records of Achinson, Kansas.  In 1884, Scofield married Hattie VanWark and continued his ministry in Dallas where he edited a magazine and offered a correspondence course of the Bible. IN 1895, Scofield went to Massachusetts where he became a faculty member of the Moody-Northfield Bible School. Then, seven years later, Scofield spent most of his time doing public speaking engagements.

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