When I think of Premillennialism, I am reminded of series stories of the end times, paintings flash before my mind and Sunday school lessons about how the rapture will occur at any moment. Not that these are not correct assumptions, but they conjure up in non-religious people’s minds that Christians are weird people who live for the time that they do not know of and who want to hide behind religion to cover up their insecurities of what they do not know. I, myself, grew up in a family where I learned about the “rapture” at an early age.

The Encyclopedia of American Religious History explain Premillennialism as “the second coming of Jesus Christ will occur before the millennium, the thousand year period of peace and righteousness depicted in the New Testament.” This causes the Christians to have urgency about the fate of the public throughout society. This is carried out through elaborate schemes and plans to evangelize to the people that are around us daily, the people that are a part of this horrible society. Premillennialists take the bible and interpret it literally as to the happenings at the return of Jesus Christ.

Premillennialist can be subdivided into two groups. The first is that the “end times” have already been fulfilled with the Biblical church. Then the second is the group that is more vocal in the current society. They believe that the second coming of Christ is coming soon because prophecies have yet to come about, so as they come to pass, the end times are also approaching.

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