We have seen that Martin Luther King Jr. had many parts of his life that do not seem to fit into the mold that we expect when we simply hear his name.  Yes, this was a man who was the first Black to win the Nobel Peace prize, but he also was so hated that he was assassinated.  Yes, he was a man who won Time magazines Man of the Year, but he also was caught cheating on his wife.  Yes, this was a man that was championed by Orthodox Christians, but he believed things that would make them think twice.  Martin Luther King was more complex than many can imagine.  This complexity stems from his religious questions.  He believed that he was responsible to himself as well as others.  He could not lie to himself, but also could not sacrifice helping his world around him.

            Martin Luther King is an influential Christian.  All it seemed he ever wanted to do was to understand his role in the world, as it would be in respect to Jesus.  For this, people on both sides of his fight turned against him.  It seems that it is very hard for Christians to please everyone and King is a perfect example of this.

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