Criticism of Oral Roberts


       From the early days of Oral Roberts' ministry, many people have seen him as a true minister and healer sent from God.  On the other hand, many have seen him as a sort of scam artist, driven by the promise that he saw in the dollar sign.  This dark light has been shed on his ministry since the day he began "healing" people with faith.  Faith healing itself has been talked about as heretical in many religious circles.  

       One can not talk about the life work of Oral without giving some note to what has been said in negativity about his ministry.  It is not hard to find criticism about his ministry.  One such web article is:

       The concluding statements of this article read as this, "It is obvious that Roberts is a deceiver and a false prophet.  His prophecies have been proven wrong time and time again.  Sadly, he has deceived multitude with his lying words and false promises, and has robbed God's people of hundreds of millions of dollars.  And in spite of all the evidence which proves Roberts' hypocrisy, he is still regarded as a great Christian leader in charismatic circles and is still promoted as a man of God.  This is another evidence of the spiritual bankruptcy of the Pentecostal movement." (

       Many would support this view of the Roberts' ministry.  But one can not refute that Oral Roberts has touched many lives through his ministries.  The fact that he did make millions through his ministries proves that he is a extraordinary man of business; one would never be able to fund the building of a school of higher education, which did not charge tuition, without being a great businessman. 

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