The life of Oral Roberts is one that if full of both success and of criticism.  His ministry has been under the scrutiny of countless numbers of skeptics, ministers of other faiths as well as his own, and even his own family. As a child, his brother said regularly that "Oral would not amount to a hill of beans" (Harrell, 3).  

    Oral Roberts' faith in the healing power of God started when he was miraculously cured of Tuberculosis.  On one particular night in his childhood home, he prayed that God would cure him of his ailment.  As a reaction to hearing his pious father's prayers for him, he kneeled and cried out, "Jesus, save me! Jesus, save me!"  Roberts was taken to the Sugg Clinic in Ada, Oklahoma by his parents to see if he had really been healed.  The doctors there affirmed that his tuberculosis was gone.  Years later, Oral testified that, I carry on my lungs now some scars and when our family physician x-rays me, which he does every year, he and I talk about those old scars.  The proof is in my lungs that I had TB and the proof is there that I am healed" (Harrell, 35). 

   It took some time for Oral to be completely confident in his faith and his healing experience.  Time was needed for him to regain his strength and this time tried his faith.  His family encouraged him to be strong and patient while he recovered.  For this reason, Oral continued to fight and totally recover from this life-threatening illness. 

   From this point on, Oral Roberts began a ministry that would keep him busy for a lifetime. 

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