As A Televangelist And Business

After graduating from the seminary in 1959, Robertson sold virtually all of their possessions and contributed the money to help with orphanage work in Korea while his wife went to see her family.  He was still uncertain about his life.  He spent several months among a charismatic commune in a Brooklyn slum.  He experienced the poverty of ministry there.  In 1959, Robertson left New York with his wife and children.  He arrived in Portsmouth with only seventy dollars.  Then, he heard that there was a defunct UHF TV station for sale there.  Robertson felt calling from God to purchase the TV station.  In 1960 Robertson walked into the station, and boldly announced to the owner: “God has sent me here to buy your TV station.”13  Incredibly, he arranged the finance to purchase it for $37,000.  Although Robertson had no money at the time of when he bought the facility, he could survive for several months by preaching at some churches in Virginia.

Robertson founded Regent University, a school for training Christian leaders, in Virginia Beach in 1977.  In the same year, Robertson added satellite capacity switching to a twenty-four hours cable network, and he started the Christian Broadcasting Network ‘CBN’ to make a wide variety of conservative TV programs including the Family Channel, which later became International Family Entertament.  The Family Channel also provided a huge profit to CBN and Robertson.  The family Channel reused healthy old traditional TV programs such as ‘Leave It to Beaver’, ‘Lassie’, and ‘The Waltons.’ 16   The programs became very popular especially among those parents who worried about the content of contemporary TV programs.  By 1992, the Family Channel made roughly about $150 million a year.  Robertson has built one of the most sophisticated TV networks, and it has grown to the third largest cable TV network in the US.

           CBN Front                          The 700 Club                 Regent University: Robertson Hall

The faithful viewers sustained this rapid growth of the station by following one of Robertson’s ‘Kingdom Principles’ if you give more money to God, God will give more back to you.  Robertson says:

“If you want to release the superabundance of the kingdom of heaven, we first give . . . . I am as certain of this as of anything in my life.  If you are in financial trouble, the smartest thing you can do is to start giving money away . . . . Your return, poured into your lap, will be great, pressed down and running over.”17

Robertson frequently proclaimed this principle in his books, TV programs, and audio cassettes promising that God would perform a financial miracles for whoever supported God’s work by sending money to CBN.  Many givers attended Robertson’s TV show as guests and shared stories how they offered money to CBN and God’s reward afterward.

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