Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson was born to A. Willis Robertson and Gladys Churchill Robertson in Lexington, Virginia on March 22, 1930.  Most televangelists come from a similar background.  They grew up in the south, members of poor families of fundamentalist persuasion.  Others had alcoholic parents and many had almost no formal religious education.1  Unlike these televangelists, Pat Robertson was not only highly educated but also was born to a senator from Virginia.  Robertson’s ancestry includes two presidents of the United States, William Henry Harrison, and Benjamin Harrison.  He also shares ancestry with Winston Churchill .2

Pat Robertson is the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network the third largest TV broadcasting company in the nation.  He is a charismatic televangelist, fundamentalist, and influential politician in the Republican Party through the Christian Coalition.  He is a leader in one of the heaviest ongoing religious and political disputes in the United States.  The outcome will determine the core identity of the nation.  Today, the legal establishment of the United States strongly leans toward ethos of religious pluralism and equality.  There is a huge dispute when the political leaders like Pat Robertson claims that America was founded as a Christian nation.  Robertson is eager to restore this heritage by actively competing for political power.  Robertson concerns himself with transforming his personal conviction and direct guidance from God into his positive influence upon politics, social relations, and public morals so he can restore his idealistic heritage of the United States as a Christian nation. 

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