The Christian Coalition


Although Robertson lost in the Republican nomination for presidency, he formed the Christian Coalition to solidify conservative direct Christian influence in politics.  His campaign provided the organizational structure and mailing lists that became the foundation of the Christian Coalition.35                          


The explicit goals of the Christian Coalition are to mobilize and train conservative Christians for effective political action and to reverse the moral decline and encroaching secularism in the United States.36  In pursuit of this mission, Robertson has argued explicitly against the separation of the church and state:


"The Constitution of the United States says nothing about the separation of church and state.  The Phrase does appear, however, in the Soviet Constitution, which says the state shall be separate from the church and the church from the school.  People in the educational establishment have attempted to impose Soviet structures on the United States.”37

The Christian Coalition’s executive director Ralph Reed has advocated so called “stealth” approach.38  According to this approach, activists are encouraged to run for school boards, city councils, and other low profile posts without telling their religious right affiliations or full political agendas.39  Campaign organizers rely on church directories for “get-out-the-vote” efforts and distribute flyers extensively in church parking lots.40  According to Reed, voter registration drives sometimes are conducted in the church pews when the offering plate is passed.  This allows for a highly effective campaign with little visibility to opposing or the general public.


                             Ralph Reed

The effectiveness of strategy was demonstrated with Christian Coalition support in Virginia state elections.  The Christian Coalition aided the Republican in Virginia legislature by sending 100,000 voter guides and made about 15,000 phone calls.41  As a result of these political actions, the Republican came within two seats of controlling the state senate and eight incumbent Democrats were defeated by pro-family Republicans.  While the Christian Coalition does not endorse or make financial contributions to candidates, it does distribute copies of political literature listing positions of candidates on issues including restricting abortions except to save a mother’s life, civil right laws protecting gays against employment discrimination and gun control.42


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