Theology And World View


Basically, Robertsonís theology is based on mixture of fundamentalism and Pentecostalism.  His message is based on literal interpretation of the Bible.  He teaches that the Bible as inerrant in every detail.  For Robertson, the Bible is a workable guidebook for politics, government, business, families, and all the affair of mankind.


As Robertson believes in inerrancy of the Bible, he believes in Godís continuous perfect plan in human history from the creation to the end.  Consequently, he thinks that nothing in life is an accident, but all is a part of Godís plan.  For this reason, Robertson opposes evolution or new science that convinces the condition of the matter is determined by the environment.  Whatever bad things happened at CBN, Robertson regarded them as if sin caused them, and God was warning through them.43  When a project failed, Robertson taught that God closed the door on a human plan.44


Robertsonís idea of Godís plan also forms his understanding of history.  Robertson holds a providential view of American history.  As there is continuity from the Old Testament to the New Testament, Robertson finds the continuity from the early church to Reformation and from the Reformation to the foundation of colonies in the New Continent.45


According to Robertsonís book ĎThe Secret Kingdomí, he is convinced that God carefully carried the first permanent English settlers to the corner of Cape Henry on the Chesapeake Bay in 1607, and that the settlers claimed that land for Godís glory and the spread of the gospel.46  The place was ten miles away from the spot where CBN broadcasting headquarters were built.  Robertson thinks that the worldwide CBN fulfills their dreams and Godís continuous plan.


Robertson is a dispensational premillennialist.  Robertsonís providential understanding of history also appears even in his interpretation of the book of Ezekiel and Revelation.  He thinks that the book of Ezekiel and Revelation provide the prediction of future political clues or events that would occur before the kingdom of God would come.  He is also convinced that America has an anointed role in the future events.  In 1984 Robertson stated that there will be an invasion of Israel by the Soviet Union, and the communist force will be destroyed.47  Then, there would be an oil crisis especially in Europe and it would ruin the economy.48  Then an anti-Christ dictator with great charisma would take control of more than ten countries and establish a new economic order.49  Robertson says that the dictator will be viewed as a benevolent savior, but the core of the leader will be evil.  And Jesus will destroy the evil dictator establishing his kingdom of peace and justice.50


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