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Adapting Your Biographical Report for the Web

Creating Web-Adapted Content

Creating a web page is one of two options for publicly presenting your biographical report in History 338. The other option is an oral report before the class. All students are required to turn in a written version of their report. The purpose of the both forms of public presentation is to present supplemental course information to your classmates.

Both forms of public presentation should begin with the content of your written report. Therefore, at minimum, you should plan on putting the text of your written report on your web page(s) (though the order in which you present the material to your audience may be different from you written paper).

Beyond this, you should adapt the presentation to the medium you are using. Written reports, oral reports, and hypertext (web) reports need to be presented differently for maximum effectiveness. Just as students would be well advised not to read their papers before the class but instead to present their reports in a natural speaking style from an outline, students should be advised not to simply turn their written papers into long HTML files but instead to present them in an Internet-adapted form.

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