History 475: Revivalism & Fundamentalism in American History


Exams: All exams will be essay exams. Three exams will be given during the course of the semester. Each of these exams will cover about one-third of the course material and each will count for 25 percent of the student's final grade. The first two exams have been tentatively scheduled for February 10 and March 28. The third exam will be given during the final exam period on Wednesday, May 10, at 3:00-5:00.

Term Paper: Each student will write a term paper on some aspect of the history of revivalism and fundamentalism in the United States. Term paper topics must be approved by the instructor on or before February 3.

Students are encouraged to make use of primary sources in their term papers. While this paper is not expected to be a graduate-level research paper which is drawn largely from primary sources, students are encouraged to do as much research in primary sources as time permits. Students should make the availability of suitable primary sources a significant consideration in their choice of term paper topics.

There is no maximum or minimum required length for the term papers; however, papers of 20-25 pages are ideal. Students should be advised to write a paper which is long enough to cover their topics adequately but short enough to prevent their theses and arguments from being obscured by irrelevant details. Students will be graded on content and style.

The term paper is due on April 25 and it will count for 25 percent of the student's final grade. The instructor will provide additional instructions about writing and researching the term paper.

Make-Up Assignments: Students will be allowed to make up missed assignments only with the consent of the instructor. Ordinarily, the instructor will accept make-up assignments only in cases of unavoidable student absences, such as those caused by illness or by a death in the immediate family. Students may be required to document the causes of their absences before the make-up work will be accepted by the instructor.

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