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The History Department of Georgetown College consists of six faculty members with specialization in areas of European and American history. The department offers the Bachelor of Arts degree.

As a core area of the liberal arts, the discipline of history develops students' analytical skills as well as their knowledge of the events of the past. The department emphasizes diversity of peoples and cultures and helps students understand the relationships between many areas of study. In each course, students examine a significant body of historical material, analyze its validity and credibility, its causes and effects, its historical importance, and communicate their conclusions effectively.

Students in recent years have been very successful in competition for Fulbright fellowships, admission to law schools, and in acquiring teaching or research assistantships in graduate programs. Upperclass students enjoy internships at the Kentucky Historical Society, Kentucky Archives and Records Center, Liberty Hall (Frankfort), and the Henry Clay Estate.

The department sponsors a chapter of the international history honorary, Phi Alpha Theta. It also sponsors events for underclass students interested in history.

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